Industry Temperature Monitoring System


All-in-one Temperature Monitoring System for various industrials


  • Support different temperature data loggersTemperature Monitoring System
  • Datalogger via local network by USB port, Ethernet cable or WIFI
  • Battery-operated temperature data logger: Up to 10 years long-life internal battery provides power to record data. 
  • Dataloggers can record and store up to 2 month data independently (without extra power supply and network)
  • Multi-alarm measures at option
  • Configure dataloggers remotely by PC, smart phone or tablet.
  • Multi backups to ensure data security.



wireless thermocouple data logger



Wireless Temperature Monitoring System


  • No cable running need
  • All dataloggers are connected with control center by WIFI
  • Configure dataloggers remotely
  • Downloading data via web browser






Battery-operated Temperature Datalogger


Thermocouple Data Logger










Wireless Temperature Datalogger










System information:

We provide the reliable and cost-efficient temperature monitoring systems for different scale personal use, labs, research institutes, universities and enterprises.   

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