Di-n-butyl tin and Tri-n-butyl tin Compounds

Tributyltin Oxide is not available in Canada and some countries due to government regulation, please contact us if having any question. 

Product Name Formula CAS#
Dibutyltin Laurate DBTDL C32H64O4Sn 77-58-7
Dibutyltin Oxide DBTO (H9C4)2SnO 818-08-6
Dioctyl Tin Oxide DOTO (C8H17)2SnO 870-08-6
Methyl tin mercaptide C22H44O4S2Sn 57583-35-4
Tributyltin Chloride TBTCL (C4H9)2SnCl2 683-18-1
Tributyltin Fluoride TBTF C12H27FSn 1983-10-4
Tributyltin Oxide TBTO C24H54OSn2 56-35-9
Zinc Hydroxystannate ZHS ZnSnO3.3H2O 12027-96-2

Tin (organotin) thermal stabilizer

Butyl Tin Stabilizer 17
Octyl Tin Stabilizer 14