Wireless Temperature Monitoring System with Data Security


Wireless Temperature Monitoring System with Data Security.  We provide wireless solution for different enterprise-class purposes. 

  • Support different temperature data loggers
  • Datalogger via local network by USB port, Ethernet cable or WIFI (additional device required).
  • Battery-operated temperature data logger: Up to 10 years long-life internal battery provides power to record data. 
  • Dataloggers can record and store up to 2 month data independently (without extra power supply and network)
  • Multi-alarm measures at option
  • Configure dataloggers remotely by PC, smart phone or tablet.
  • Multi backups to ensure data security.

wireless thermistor data logger




The system manages and displays various temperature data loggers in the system through a graphical interface.




The system is also a web server, allowing users to remotely access the system with PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets from the local network.

  • Data logger control center
  • Data logger Web server
  • data logger backup
  • Data logger type:


Thermocouple data loggers can connect to a variety of thermocouple sensors.


Wireless Temperature Monitoring System with Data Security
Records ambient temperature and 7 external thermocouple probes


Programmable Channel Range Specifications:

Range: -8mV ~ +73mV Accuracy: ±0.1% (0.08 mV)@ 25°C + Temperature Compensation Accuracy
Thermocouple Type Temperature Range (°C) Resolution (°C) Accuracy (°C)
Type E -171 to +955 0.018 1.326
Type J -205 to +1200 0.025 1.67
Type K -270 to +1372 0.035 2.37
Type N -270 to +1300 0.04 2.66
Type T -270 to +400 0.035 2.2
Range: -2mV ~ +18mV Accuracy: ±0.15% (0.03 mV) @ 25°C + Temperature Compensation Accuracy
Type B 0 to 1820 0.05 2.84
Type E -35 to 260 0.005 0.495
Type J -40 to 330 0.008 0.57
Type K -53 to 437 0.01 0.69
Type N -81 to 532 0.01 0.813
Type R -50 to 1539 0.03 1.95
Type S -50 to 1704 0.03 1.95
Type T -55 to 353 0.008 0.608



How does TK-FS450 protect my data?

  • Equipped with a high-endurance NAS SSD in the system for long-term data backup.
  • The temperature dataloggers in system are battery operated (up to 10 years) and  can continue to record data even in the event of a power failure or outage.
  • The memory in datalogger can store up to 2-month data ( sampling at every 10 second)
  • FTP backup (in development, coming soon)
  • API (under development, coming soon)
  • Communication with OPC server (customization required)



How can I issue an alarm when the set range is exceeded?


  • System alarm

You can set alarms on the system. When the temperature of the sensor exceeds the set value, the system can display “ALARM” immediately and send the alarm notification by the email you set.


All-in-one temperature monitoring system TK-FS450



System information:

We provide the reliable and cost-efficient temperature monitoring systems for different scale personal use, labs, research institutes, universities and enterprises.   

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All in One Temperature Monitoring System TK-FS450