Phosphoric Acid-- ortho phosphoric acid (Thermal process acid)

  Ácido Fosfórico ibc

Phosphoric acid is used in metal finishing, phosphates production, beverages, food.

The phosphoric acid we produce is transparent liquid, made from element phosphorus by thermal process, not purified wet phosphoric acid ( PWA)

Product Information

Product Phosphoric   Acid
Formula H3PO4
CAS 7664-38-2
Packing A. 35kg/ 20 liter drums

B. 330kg/ 200 liter drums

C. 1,600kg/ 1,000 liter IBC

Grade Technical, Food (FCC), JIS, Codex
Purity 85%, 80%, 75% min.

Different Package:

We ship our phosphoric acid by tank vessel, pails, drums and IBC tanks


Tanks Vessel

Phosphoric acid in bulk


plastic pails

35kg pails with wooden


Plastic Drums

200 Liters Plastic Drums

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